Bico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

2020-05-24    收藏513

This one-stop rustic establishment sells bikes and accessories, and also offers a bike repair service.

Smile Riders, the cyclist group behind Bico, aims for the shop to become a community space, hosting activities and exhibitions while serving good coffee.

They offer various brewing methods, from French press and pour-over to drip and vacuum, with either single-origin or blended roasts. The espresso starts at B100 and in-house baked items like the upside-down pineapple cake (B150) rotate daily. 

To help lessen the amount of garbage, Bico doesn’t offer to-go packages.

Bico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripBico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripBico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripBico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTripBico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

Bico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

Bico Cafe曼谷推荐餐厅HopeTrip

餐厅电话:091-746-0444营业时间:daily 10am-10pm地理位置:Lad Phrao餐厅菜色:Cafe餐厅地址:Bico Cafe, 1/F, The Sence, Sri Wara Rd.,Bangkok, Thailand餐厅网址